When is my book due?

Your library book is due when you've read it through! If you are finished with your book you may return it and get a new one. Our library system considers a book overdue after two weeks. We send out overdue notices once a week to help you remember to look for those overdue books. If a book has not been returned after two weeks, your check out privileges may be suspended. Remember, you can always bring your book back to the library and renew it for two more weeks if you're not finished reading it. Thank you for keeping up with your library books!
How many books can I check out?

At Taylor, second through fifth graders are allowed to check out three books, first graders are able to check out two books, and Kindergarteners are able to check out one book. All books are checked out for two weeks but may always be returned sooner.
When can I come to the library?
The Taylor library is open from 7:50 - 2:50 daily.  You may come down anytime during these hours to check out books.  Just be sure to ask your teacher first!  The library is also open before school to 3rd - 5th graders.  Just ask one of the teachers on duty in the gym and they will give you a library pass.  Then you may come and visit the library.