Friday, May 15, 2009

Books Due May 22

All library books are due Friday, May 22. Please return all books by this date. If you have a lost book, it will need to be paid for in cash. We are unable to accept checks for lost books. Thanks for your help in getting all of the library books back to us!

Flashlight Reading

May 18 - 22 we will be having flashlight reading in the library. Students may bring a pillow and blanket with them when they come to the library. We will provide flashlights and turn out the lights. Students may find a comfy spot and read with their flashlights for their entire visit to the library.

Poetry Unit

Fourth grade came to the library this week for a unit on poetry. Each student used library books to find examples of fives types of poetry: haiku, clerhiew, limerick, free verse, and concrete. They had to copy the poem, illustrate it, and cite the source where they found the poem. Fourth grade has been to the library for more research units this year than any other grade level. Together we have learned about Texas Native American tribes, scientists, animal adaptations, and poetry.

Solar System Unit

Third grade students came in with their classes the week of May 5th for a Solar System unit. There were four stations. At the first station, students used books to fill in a chart of planet sizes. They then used this information to create a planet graph. At the second station, students completed a diagram of the sun and used books to find the answers to questions about the sun. At the third station they completed a sheet about one specific planet. They then used this sheet to create a planet travel brochure later in the computer lab. The fourth station consisted of a moon booklet where students had to use their imagination and write a letter to Earth from the Moon. They also had to write about playing their favorite sport on the Moon. This unit was a lot of fun and the kids did a wonderful job!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bookmark Contest

We are having a "Design a Bookmark" contest! Forms went home in your Thursday folder yesterday. If you need another one just come by the library. To win all you need to do is design and draw a great bookmark. Be sure to use black ink only. Turn in your bookmark form to your teacher. All forms are due by Friday, May 8. Late entries will not be accepted. Winners will be announced at GMT on Monday, May 11. We will select one first place winner and two runners-up from each grade level. All three winners from each grade level will win a prize. In addition, copies of each grade level's first place bookmarks will be given out in the library. Remember to be creative and have fun! Good luck!!