Frisco ISD is committed to bringing unique learning opportunities to our students! We are pleased to introduce a new, free reading service. This service will provide digital books through OverDrive.
What is OverDrive?
The new Frisco ISD OverDrive collection of audiobooks and ebooks is available for download at your convenience.  These books can be downloaded to mobile devices, iDevices, PC’s, and MacBooks. It’s easy for students to check out books anytime or anywhere.  Your child will have two weeks to enjoy his or her book, and it will be returned automatically at the end of the checkout period.
How does it work?
To get started, you will need to begin at the Frisco ISD OverDrive Website.   Look for the Digital Library Overview located on the left side of the webpage. Simply hover over this section to see the necessary steps you will follow.  By completing steps one and two you have given your child the opportunity to browse and check out books to enjoy. Step three will instruct you and your child on the checkout process.