Monday, November 30, 2009

Taylor Book Club

The Taylor Book Club just finished our first novel, The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman. All students agreed it turned out to be a really good book after what some felt was a confusing/slow start. We meet on Mondays during fifth grade lunch to discuss the book we're reading. The club consists of sixteen fifth graders who signed up at the beginning of the year.

Vocabulary Parade

Our fourth annual Taylor Vocabulary Parade was a huge success! Thanks you so much to all of the students and teachers who created such amazing costumes! Here are a few more pictures to enjoy...

Mrs. Grimes was our winner for best staff costume. She was "Effervescent."

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Author: Grace Lin
Call Number: F LIN

Minli, an adventurous girl from a poor village, buys a magical goldfish, and then joins a dragon who cannot fly on a quest to find the Old Man of the Moon in hopes of bringing life to Fruitless Mountain and freshness to Jade River.

Alabama Moon

Author: Watt Key
Call number: F KEY

After the death of his father, ten-year-old Moon Blake is removed from the Alabama forest where he was raised and sent to a boy's home, where, for the first time, he has contact with the outside world and learns about friendship, love, and humanity.

Escape Under the Forever Sky

Author: Eve Yohalem
Call number: F YOH
Lucy's mother, the U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia, keeps Lucy confined to the embassy, but Lucy's desire to see what is beyond the compound walls gets her kidnapped and she must rely upon her knowledge and courage in order to escape.

Monday, November 16, 2009

double eagle

Author: Sneed B. Collard III
Call Number: F COL
Michael and Kyle's discovery of a rare Confederate coin near an old Civil War fort in 1973 turns into a race against time as the boys try to find more coins before a hurricane hits Alabama's Gulf coast.

Surviving Jamestown

Author: Gail Langer Karwoski
Call Number: F KAR

Sam Collier, a twelve-year-old, serves as page to John Smith during the relentless hardship experienced by the founders at the first permanent English settlement in the New World.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vocabulary Parade Is Next Thursday

Taylor's fourth annual vocabulary parade is almost here! Our vocabulary parade will be next Thursday, November 19. Word choice forms are due to your teacher by Friday. Each class will vote on a costume winner so try hard to make your costume special. Mrs. Fowler will be our Grand Marshal again this year. Parents are welcome to join us for the parade which will start around 8:30 am.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Author: Marilyn Kaye
Call Number: F KAY

Amanda Beeson, the meanest, most popular girl at Meadowbrook Middle School, learns a lot about herself and others when the unacknowledged sympathy she feels for Tracy Devon, a girl who is so timid she sometimes seems invisible, causes her to somehow take over Tracy's body.

The Magic Half

Author: Annie Barrows
Call Number: F BAR

Eleven-year-old Miri Gill feels left out in her family, which has two sets of twins and her, until she travels back in time to 1935 and discovers Molly, her own lost twin, and brings her back to the present day.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catherine Fowler Speaks to Third Grade

Catherine Fowler visited our school to speak to third grade students about the history of Frisco. She is full of knowledge about Frisco and taught the students so much. We were so fortunate to be able to meet and learn from her.

Mrs. Fowler turns students into a live timeline.

Mrs. Fowler explains the differences between a pilgrim and a pioneer.

Destination Book Fair

The Taylor fall book fair was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to keep the fair running smoothly. Thank you also to everyone who shopped at the fair! Because of your purchases we were able to pull many beautiful new hardcover books to add to our collection, and many new paperbacks as well. I hope you're enjoying reading all of your new book fair books!

Monday, November 2, 2009

ivy + BEAN

By: Annie Barrows
Call Number: F BAR

When seven year old Bean plays a mean trick on her sister, she finds unexpected support for her antics from Ivy, the new neighbor, who is less boring that Bean first suspected.