Monday, August 31, 2009

The Secret of Robber's Cave

Brothers Jeff and David, along with their nine-year-old cousin, Claire, go to the deserted island to find out if the legend of Robber's Cave is true.

The Ghost of Fossil Glen

Allie knows it's not her imagination when she hears a voice and sees in her mind's eye the face of a girl who seems to be seeking Allie's help.

Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Author Jarrett J. Krosockza is coming to Taylor on September 23! Barnes & Noble is offering a pre-sale of his books which he will autograph while he is here. Order forms will go home in Thursday folders this week and next week. Forms are also available in the library. All forms are due Friday, September 11. Here is his website again if you would like to learn more:

Books I'm Reading

This year I'm going to begin posting the books I'm reading. After I read or reread a book I'll post the cover of the book along with the C.I.P. summary of the book. You can read these entries to find ideas for books you might like to read. I'll start with Punk Farm by Jarrett Krosoczka...

At the end of the day, while Farmer Joe gets ready for bed, his animals tune their instruments to perform in a big concert as a rock band called Punk Farm.

First Week

It was great having students back in the library last week. Second, fourth, and fifth grades loved listening to Punk Farm by Jarrett Krosoczka. Yes, even the fifth graders were singing along with the story!

First graders met my "Book Baby" for the first time. We brainstormed a list of things you should never do to a baby. Then, I revealed that inside the blanket and diaper was a little book. We then went through the list again to see if we would do those same things to a book. Example: "You should never hit a baby. Should you hit a book? No!" We learned the phrase "Baby Your Books" which reminds students to treat their library books as if they were their babies.

Third graders went on a scavenger hunt in the library looking for Waldo of Where's Waldo fame. They worked in pairs to locate Waldos around the library and answer questions about different areas of the library. They did a great job and reacquainted themselves with the library in the process.

Kindergarten didn't come in the first week of school because they were so busy! I did meet some of them when they were going on a bear hunt in the school. I wonder if they ever found the bear? Kindergarten will start coming this week and will learn about the library for several weeks before they check out their first book.

Monday, August 17, 2009

How Was Your Summer?

Welcome back to Taylor! I can't believe how fast the summer flies by. I read lots of great books this summer. How about you? The new Bluebonnets and 2x2's are out and ready to be checked out. Stop by on Meet the Teacher night and you can get a sneak peek!

We have many exciting events coming up in the library this fall. We will have author Jarrett Krosoczka visit our school on September 23. Check out his fun website: Our fall book fair will be October 26-30. The Fourth Annual Taylor Vocabulary Parade will take place on November 19. I have missed all of you and can't wait to see you back in the library for a wonderful year of exploring fantastic books together!