Friday, January 13, 2012

Third Grade Arctic Animal Research

This week in library third grade has been conducting Arctic animal research. They visited for four days and completed a different station each day. At Station One they used books to research where different types of penguins live. They then used this information to complete a penguin map. At Station Two groups worked together to create a life sized penguin. Students chose a type of penguin and then researched to find out how tall that type of penguin is. They then worked together to sketch, color, and cut out their penguin. Their life sized penguins are adorable and will be displayed around their classrooms. While at Station Three, students again used books to research how tall different types of penguins are, and then used this information to make penguin graphs. They also labeled a penguin diagram with the correct penguin body parts. At Station Four, students worked on the Macbooks and used GoogleDocs to create slides of an Arctic food chain. These also turned out really well. What a fun week I've had with third grade learning all about Arctic animals!

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