Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Reviews

This week in library fourth grade students are learning how to do quick book reviews. They come and sit at the tables where there are book review forms along with a stack of fiction books. They are practicing looking at a book's front cover, and quickly reading the book's back cover or inside flap to see if the book interests them. Then they jot down the book's title, author, and call number, along with a couple of notes on their form and give the book a 1-5 rating. Each student has the chance to review five or six books. At the end of the lesson the students are able to check out any of the books that they would like to. There are many books that multiple students wish to check out, and all dilemmas are solved with a rock-paper-scissors war. Students take their forms with them so that they can refer to them at a later date to help them find the books that they liked.

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