Monday, October 17, 2011

Dallas Stars Reading Rally

This year Taylor Elementary is participating school-wide in the Stick With Reading program. This program is sponsored by the Dallas Stars. Last week, three players from the Stars visited our school for a reading rally. They introduced the program, and got our students really excited about reading! Here is player Toby Petersen in the library before the Rally.

Every class made a poster to celebrate reading and the Dallas Stars.

Here the players, Steve Ott, Adam Pardy, and Toby Petersen answer questions and share about their favorite books.

Here is Joseph with Celena Rae, the Dallas Stars announcer and singer. She was also the emcee of our program.

Here Ms. Vargas and I pose with the players and Steve Ott's four year old daughter. She is holding the book Utterly, Otterly Day by Mary Casanova. Steve Ott read this book to our students and shared that his nickname is "Otter."

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