Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bluebonnet Reading Program

Our Bluebonnet Reading Program has begun for the year. This program is open to all third through fifth grade students. All you have to do is read five of the Bluebonnet books from this year's list, and fill out your Bluebonnet form. We have extra forms in the library if you misplace yours. Return your form to me in the library and I will ask you a few simple questions to be sure you read the books. Then you will be one of our Bluebonnet readers! We will have voting in the cafeteria in January where you will cast your vote for your favorite Bluebonnet book. Then in February you will be invited to our Bluebonnet party. I hope you will all be one of our Bluebonnet readers this year! Here is a link to the current Bluebonnet list:

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